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Limited-Time Savings Of Up To $2,000 Per Suite*


• Book Now Savings up to $2,000 per suite ($1,000 per person) on all 2018 Crystal Esprit voyages • Book Now Savings up to $1,000 per suite ($500 per person) on all 2018 Crystal River voyages

Act now and take advantage of Crystal’s limited-time Book Early Savings on all 2018 Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises and all 2018 Crystal River Cruises. The never-before-offered savings are a tempting proposition to enjoy the all-inclusive luxuries of the award-winning Crystal Experience at an exceptional value. Book by March 31, 2017 and find yourself aboard our boutique hotel on water as Crystal Esprit explores fabulous harbors throughout the West Indies. Or set your sights on the grand waterways of Europe as all five Crystal River ships navigate the majestic Danube, Rhine and Main rivers.

Crystal River and Crystal Esprit Signature Hallmarks

• All-suite, butler-serviced accommodations
• Unlimited fine wines, premium spirits, champagnes and beers, as well as all coffees, soft drinks and bottled water in-suite
• All gratuities, shipboard and shoreside included
• Michelin-inspired, farm-to-table dining
• 24-hour Wi-Fi access; 60 minutes complimentary Wi-Fi/Internet usage per person, per day

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2018 Crystal Cruises

Jan 0311Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$9,900-28%
Jan 147Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Jan 217Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Jan 287Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Feb 047Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Feb 117Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Feb 187Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Feb 257Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,65014%
Mar 047Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,47517%
Mar 117Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,47517%
Mar 187Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,47517%
Mar 257Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$7,720$6,47517%
Mar 2612Crystal BachRoundtrip Amsterdam$12,610$5,80554%
Mar 3010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$9,140$4,07056%
Apr 017Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,190$6,47551%
Apr 0712Crystal BachRoundtrip Amsterdam$12,610$5,80554%
Apr 087Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,190$6,47551%
Apr 097Crystal DebussyRoundtrip Amsterdam$10,050$4,52555%
Apr 0910Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$9,450$4,22556%
Apr 157Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$10,480$6,47539%
Apr 167Crystal DebussyRoundtrip Amsterdam$10,050$4,52555%
Apr 1912Crystal BachRoundtrip Amsterdam$12,610$5,80554%
Apr 1910Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$9,680$4,34056%
Apr 227Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,190$6,47551%
Apr 2310Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$11,700$5,35055%
Apr 2911Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$13,050$6,02554%
May 0112Crystal BachRoundtrip Amsterdam$15,190$7,09554%
May 037Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,190$4,09556%
May 1014Crystal RavelBasel to Vienna$18,730$8,86553%
May 1010Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$12,700$5,85054%
May 1010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$12,170$5,58555%
May 1216Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$20,570$9,78553%
May 137Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$18,580$6,47566%
May 1314Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$17,740$8,37053%
May 207Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$18,580$6,47566%
May 2010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,950$5,47555%
May 207Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,190$4,09556%
May 2414Crystal RavelVienna to Basel$18,730$8,86553%
May 2714Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$17,100$8,05053%
May 277Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,290$5,25061%
May 2710Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$12,700$5,85054%
May 2816Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$20,100$9,55053%
May 3010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,530$5,26555%
Jun 037Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$21,060$5,25076%
Jun 067Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,190$4,09556%
Jun 0714Crystal RavelBasel to Vienna$18,330$8,66553%
Jun 0911Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,870$5,43555%
Jun 107Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$16,590$5,25069%
Jun 1014Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$15,850$7,42554%
Jun 1310Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$12,700$5,85054%
Jun 1316Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$18,830$8,91553%
Jun 177Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,290$5,25061%
Jun 2010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,090$5,04555%
Jun 217Crystal RavelVienna to Budapest$9,650$4,32556%
Jun 237Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,190$4,09556%
Jun 2414Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$16,130$7,56554%
Jun 247Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$16,890$5,25069%
Jun 287Crystal RavelBudapest to Vienna$9,650$4,32556%
Jun 2916Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$18,830$8,91553%
Jun 3010Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$11,700$5,35055%
Jun 3010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,090$5,04555%
Jul 017Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$12,240$5,25058%
Jul 0514Crystal RavelVienna to Basel$17,350$8,17553%
Jul 087Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$15,880$5,25067%
Jul 0814Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$15,170$7,08554%
Jul 1010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,450$4,72555%
Jul 107Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$8,490$3,74556%
Jul 1516Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$17,310$8,15553%
Jul 157Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$18,130$5,25072%
Jul 1710Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$11,700$5,35055%
Jul 1914Crystal RavelBasel to Vienna$17,350$8,17553%
Jul 2011Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,930$4,96555%
Jul 2214Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$14,850$6,92554%
Jul 227Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$15,540$5,25067%
Jul 277Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$8,490$3,74556%
Jul 297Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$8,860$5,25041%
Jul 3110Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,450$4,72555%
Jul 3116Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$17,310$8,15553%
Aug 027Crystal RavelVienna to Budapest$9,190$4,09556%
Aug 0310Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$11,700$5,35055%
Aug 0514Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$15,170$7,08554%
Aug 057Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$15,880$5,25067%
Aug 1010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,670$4,83555%
Aug 127Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$15,880$5,25067%
Aug 137Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$8,490$3,74556%
Aug 1616Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$18,070$8,53553%
Aug 1614Crystal RavelVienna to Basel$17,350$8,17553%
Aug 1914Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$15,490$7,24554%
Aug 197Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$16,210$5,25068%
Aug 2010Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$11,700$5,35055%
Aug 2010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,670$4,83555%
Aug 267Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$12,240$5,25058%
Aug 3014Crystal RavelBasel to Vienna$17,350$8,17553%
Aug 3011Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,390$5,19555%
Sep 0116Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$20,090$9,54553%
Sep 027Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$18,590$5,25072%
Sep 0214Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$17,750$8,37553%
Sep 0610Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$13,370$6,18554%
Sep 097Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,990$5,25063%
Sep 1010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,810$5,40555%
Sep 137Crystal RavelVienna to Budapest$9,650$4,32556%
Sep 167Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$18,580$5,25072%
Sep 1614Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$17,740$8,37053%
Sep 167Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,650$4,32556%
Sep 1716Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$19,730$9,36553%
Sep 2010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,910$5,45555%
Sep 237Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$13,990$5,25063%
Sep 2310Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$13,370$6,18554%
Sep 2714Crystal RavelVienna to Basel$18,330$8,66553%
Sep 3014Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$15,490$7,24554%
Sep 307Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$16,210$5,25068%
Sep 3010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$11,590$5,29555%
Oct 0316Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$16,990$7,99553%
Oct 037Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,650$4,32556%
Oct 077Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$10,080$5,25048%
Oct 1010Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$12,700$5,85054%
Oct 1011Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,950$4,97555%
Oct 1114Crystal RavelBasel to Vienna$17,350$8,17553%
Oct 147Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$14,200$5,25064%
Oct 1414Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$13,570$6,28554%
Oct 1916Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$16,630$7,81554%
Oct 207Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$8,490$3,74556%
Oct 2110Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$9,850$4,42556%
Oct 217Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$8,860$5,25041%
Oct 2514Crystal RavelVienna to Basel$13,500$6,25054%
Oct 2710Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$9,900$4,45056%
Oct 2814Crystal BachAmsterdam to Frankfurt$13,390$6,19554%
Oct 287Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$14,010$5,95058%
Oct 3110Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$9,430$4,21556%
Nov 0416Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$14,970$6,98554%
Nov 047Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$15,670$5,95063%
Nov 067Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$6,950$2,97558%
Nov 0814Crystal RavelBasel to Vienna$12,900$5,95054%
Nov 1010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$9,110$4,05556%
Nov 1114Crystal BachFrankfurt to Amsterdam$12,270$5,63555%
Nov 117Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$12,830$5,95054%
Nov 1310Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$9,500$4,25056%
Nov 187Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$9,930$5,95041%
Nov 2010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$8,910$3,95556%
Nov 2016Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$14,590$6,79554%
Nov 227Crystal RavelVienna to Budapest$6,950$2,97558%
Nov 237Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$6,950$2,97558%
Nov 257Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$9,210$5,95036%
Nov 2510Crystal BachAmsterdam to Basel$8,820$3,91056%
Nov 297Crystal RavelBudapest to Vienna$8,490$3,74556%
Nov 3010Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$11,700$5,35055%
Nov 3010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$8,690$3,84556%
Dec 027Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$12,240$5,60055%
Dec 0510Crystal BachBasel to Amsterdam$9,050$4,02556%
Dec 0616Crystal MahlerAmsterdam to Budapest$13,490$6,24554%
Dec 067Crystal RavelVienna to Budapest$8,490$3,74556%
Dec 097Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$8,860$5,60037%
Dec 107Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$8,490$3,74556%
Dec 1010Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$8,290$3,64557%
Dec 137Crystal RavelBudapest to Vienna$7,250$3,12557%
Dec 1511Crystal BachAmsterdam to Basel$9,350$4,17556%
Dec 167Crystal EspritRoundtrip Marigot$9,770$5,60043%
Dec 1710Crystal DebussyAmsterdam to Basel$12,700$5,85054%
Dec 2014Crystal RavelVienna to Basel$17,350$8,17553%
Dec 2013Crystal MozartRoundtrip Vienna$10,730$4,86555%
Dec 2216Crystal MahlerBudapest to Amsterdam$13,490$6,24554%
Dec 2311Crystal EspritRoundtrip $14,120$9,50033%
Dec 277Crystal DebussyBasel to Amsterdam$9,190$4,09556%

Terms and Conditions

Book by 06/30/2017 to avail of the Book Early Savings Offer. Offer applies to new bookings only as of 04/13/2017. To avail of additional 2.5% Early Full Payment savings, Cruise must be paid in full 180 days prior to departure to qualify. Cruise-only fares include all promotional savings. Note: Early Full Payment savings do not apply to Personal Select Air. Solo Traveler Fares are available upon request. All offers may not be combinable with other promotions, apply to first two full-fare guests in stateroom or suite, are capacity-controlled, are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Crystal Cruises reserves the right to correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares, fees, promotions, policies and programs at any time with or without notice. All renderings and floor plans for Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel at this time are artists’ conceptual drawings and are subject to change.

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